well i can put on a nice dress anytime i want

today at work i told someone that i don’t want to have kids and she spent five minutes telling me why i would be happy once i had them. how do i say this: I DON’T WANT KIDS and have it be a thing? (one time it was. i said it and the woman just nodded and said yep, me neither and i never had em and i’m quite happy. it was so nice). how do i say this: i don’t want kids, i don’t like kids, i want to travel the world forever or at least until my eggs are like NOPE NO KIDS NOW LOL, and i’m selfish and i’m poor and i don’t want the responsibility of young life on this sad planet. just NO. none of it sounds appealing. maybe i would be happy after squeezing a baby out of my vagina but honestly i think that’s just ancient biology telling you to love your infant so you don’t let it starve to death. it’s hormones. and i’m sure it’s also very special and i’ll never experience that. but oh well. i then told this same woman that i never wanted to get married and she said “but you’d make such a pretty bride” and i told her “well i can put on a nice dress anytime i want” and she laughed at me and rolled her eyes in a sort of mean way.

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