erotic hand holding

i have this really good memory of when i was with my first intimate partner. he came to new york city for a little bit and was staying with his aunt and uncle. i’m not sure why. it was honestly probably so he could see me, although i do remember that he was doing other things. and he invited me to come with them to see ashow. and we went to the show in this theater and i remember it because last year i saw a different show there and when i walked in, the memory hit me like a wave. we were sitting together and he was holding my hand on the armrest between us and sort of casually running his thumb over the top of my hand, which i love. and then, right when the show started, he flipped my hand and sort of casually ran his thumb over my palm and my wrist. and fuck me if that wasn’t one of the most erotic things we did together.

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