Cow Bell Encounters

Today while walking a group of men exited a store and one of them began ringing a cow bell at me. I had my headphones in so I didn't acknowledge him until he crossed in front of me stopping me I took out my headphones just in time to hear him say that I was the most "fuckable girl he'd seen all day" after he said this I pushed past him and kept walking he continued to ring the bell until I successfully crossed the street. This wasn't something I could have brushed off or ignored. He crossed in front of me blocking my path and forced me to listen to this stranger blatantly objectify me. Encounters like this happens to me often but this is the first time in years that i can recall an event making me feel unsafe. This wasn't a mislead compliment or a cat call that I should just laugh off this was an insecure man attempting to insert dominance over me because I was walking alone and refused to acknowledge him. Everyone deserves to feel safe walking by themselves in broad daylight I shouldn't have to be concerned about what I can use to defend myself from a fragile man child that can't take no for an answer. Street harassment is real and I'm done dealing with it.


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