Stamp of Approval

"I was eighteen, and beyond excited to have my first full time job. Sure it was listening to drunk Philly kids order pizza at one am, and stocking the drink fridge, but I was pumped. My boss was a real hard ass. I tried for days to impress him with how quickly I learned the POS system, and with how enamored his regular customers were with my service. When he finally began showing me some appreciation I was thrilled: smiles, pats on the back, touching my ass... It all felt like a stamp of approval. It wasn't until I was strapped into his passengers seat- him speeding 80 in a 35 and refusing to take me home - that I realized how terribly unsafe and dehumanized I had been. I've now come to a place where I know I do not have to expose and gift myself to people just because I work under them. There are people who deserve my hard work and commitment, and he... Doesn't deserve anything." -R.K.

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